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Ethereum Classic is an open, decentralized, and permissionless public blockchain, that aims to fulfill the original promise of Ethereum, as a platform where smart contracts are free from third-party interference. ETC prioritizes trust-minimization, network security, and integrity. All network upgrades are non-contentious with the aim to fix critical issues or to add value with newly proposed features; never to create new tokens, or to bail out flawed smart contracts and their interest groups.

Classic Ether Market & Trading Discussion

Ethereum has forked and moved to a new chain. This sub is for the discussion of the Ethereum chain which didn't move the coins.

Market Weekly Report - Week of 18/05/2020

Market Weekly Report - Week of 18/05/2020

Coinviva BTC-USD Hourly Chart
The Bitcoin had rally last week that went from $8,600 to $9,722 before settling at around $9,500. It formed a lower high compared to the previous peak at $10,045 the week before, signaling a potential reversal of the bullish trend related to the Bitcoin halving event.
If there is not enough buying power to push the BTC price above $10,000 next week, it could potentially test the support at $9,100 before bouncing back to the $9,200 to $9,600 range. Watch for an entry signal if the price breaks below the support level (lower Keltner band) as indicated in the hourly chart.

Review of the week:

Although Bitcoin‘s price has bounced back in this week after halving on Monday, Bitcoin network hashrate (the total computing power dedicated to mining blocks on the blockchain) has declined to 98 EH/s, compared 135 EH/s before Monday. The decline in the hashrate suggests some miners have scaled back or shut down operations following the halving of block rewards from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, which makes returning a profit harder or impossible with older mining machines (depending on the price). The mean block interval time rose to 727 seconds or 12 minutes from 8.5 minutes in pre-halving period. Edward Moya, senior market analyst at OANDA in New York said there’s going to be pressure for Bitcoin in the short term because the incentive is less for miners now to mine bitcoin and they will probably switch to more profitable cryptocurrencies. However, in a longer-term, with all the fiscal and monetary stimulus that’s being pumped into the global economy, there’s renewed interest from institutional traders looking for alternatives to modern government-backed currencies. A recent research paper examined the relationship between Bitcoin, global economic activity, equity markets, and foreign exchange markets, while also concluded that Bitcoin does not exhibit any significant relationship with economic activity (BDI), equity markets (DJIA) or the foreign exchange (USD-Euro, USD-Yen) markets in either bullish or bearish regimes. It suggested that Bitcoin may offer some hedging to diversification potential in the global portfolio investments.
Disclaimer: The above market commentary is based on technical analysis using historical pricing data, and is for reference only. It does not serve as investment or trading advice.

About Coinviva:

Coinviva aims to create the best crypto financial services ecosystem for both institutional and individual investors. We provide reliable fiat funding options, excellent trading liquidity, bank security level custody and one-stop high liquidity provision on-site & off-site. Our founding management team all come from top tiered investment banking (e.g. JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch), with fully comprehensive financial institution operation experience.
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[WP] A brave new world or 1984 esque society where money is banned.

A brave new world or 1984 esque society where money is banned.
There is also the fact that Bitcoin is not a currency per se and can therefore not be used to transfer funds between people. Instead, the currency is used to create a decentralized network of computers that are used to maintain Bitcoin. The network has two main functions; to process transactions between wallets on the network and to secure the network.
The transaction network is also used to create and destroy new Bitcoins. Every transaction, whether it is to buy or sell Bitcoins, is entered into the network by users who are called "miners."
Miners, in turn, are rewarded with Bitcoins for running these computers. As a result, the Bitcoin network's hashrate (the number of computers that are running) increases. Because of this, miners are able to create Bitcoins faster than the network can process them, causing a price increase.
Miners can also sell their Bitcoins for cash or to other miners. The currency is also used to purchase goods and services on the Bitcoin network. The value of Bitcoins fluctuates as a result of the price they are trading for and the amount of time it takes to process transactions.
The most recent Bitcoin price increase, as of March, 2014, was about 11 percent. This increase in value has led people to speculate on whether the currency will ultimately be devalued as more users begin to use it in transactions.
What are the possible uses for Bitcoin?
The biggest potential for Bitcoin is as a means of payment. It is a completely decentralized currency. Users can use it to purchase anything through an online store, such as a pizza, for example. The only thing that matters is that the transaction is processed on the Bitcoin network, not the store.
People have begun to use Bitcoin as an alternative to cash. The value of a bitcoin is related to the currency exchange rate so the more people use Bitcoin, the more its value increases as a currency.
What is the danger of Bitcoin?
Bitcoin has some potential risks. One of the most prominent of them is that it is not backed by any government or central bank, so if it fails to gain widespread use, it could be worthless.
Another risk is that Bitcoin can be stolen. Since Bitcoin is not a currency, it's not backed by anything but the trust of the network. Since there is no one to be held accountable, anyone can essentially create Bitcoins with the intent to sell them at a higher price, but this is a risk to consider.
Another risk is that,
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China Changes its Stance Towards Bitcoin Mining

China Changes its Stance Towards Bitcoin Mining
China’s state planner, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), has reportedly removed Bitcoin (BTC) mining from the list of industries that might be eliminated.
Cryptocurrency mining has not been included in the finalized catalog for Guiding Industry Restructuring that will take effect from Jan 1, 2020, per Coindesk. The catalog was published today.
As reported in April, the Commission was seeking public opinions whether Bitcoin mining should be immediately banned. Bitcoin mining was included in a draft list of industrial activities the agency was seeking to stop, as they did not adhere to relevant laws and regulations, were unsafe, wasted resources or polluted the environment.
In either case, despite all efforts to push Bitcoin miners out of the country, Bitcoin mining was never officially illegal in China.
Su Zhu, CEO of Singapore-based investment management firm Three Arrows Capital, reacted by saying that he wouldn't be surprised if "mining becomes designated a strategically important activity at some [point]."
The announcement today comes hot on the heels of the recent urge by China’s President Xi Jinping to accelerate the development of blockchain technology due to its importance "in the new round of technological innovation and industrial transformation" of China.
Chinese miners are already major players in the Bitcoin mining industry. For example, at the time of writing, four largest mining pools (Poolin, BTC.Com, F2Pool and AntPool) are from China and hold almost 63% of the Bitcoin network hashrate, which essentially measures how much computing power is needed to maintain the network.
Bitcoin hashrate distribution
In either case, there are concerns that China holds more influence over Bitcoin than many are ready to admit.
China "threatens the security, stability, and viability of Bitcoin” with its “political and economic control over domestic [cryptocurrency] activity, and control over its internet infrastructure,” a study, published in October 2018, from Princeton and Florida International Universities claimed.
"In theory it's possible for a government to launch a 51% attack. If a government like the US or China decided they wanted to hurt Bitcoin, they could either rapidly shut down a lot of mining power so that they control a majority of what's left, or they could deploy new hashpower that takes over the network," Prof. Matthew Green of John Hopkins University told earlier this year. However, he doesn't regard a 51% attack on Bitcoin as especially likely though, due to the enormous expense involved.
"The thing to keep in mind is that 51% attacks, while they're terrible and undermine confidence, basically just allow double spending," says Green. "This is really bad for merchants and exchanges, and in the long run it could make Bitcoin unusable. But it doesn't allow the attacker to, say, steal everyone's coins. And the cost of a rollback goes up as you go farther back in time."
Meanwhile, in 2018, articles from influential state-run Chinese media outlets signaled that further crackdowns could be launched to force out remaining cryptocurrency trading and mining activities from the country. However, until now, miners have shown a surprising resilience.
Nonetheless, many of those mining companies were looking to relocate to more favorable locations overseas such as Iceland, Canada, and the US, to name a few.
At pixel time (07:11 UTC), BTC trades at c. USD 9,410 and is up by 1.45% in the past 24 hours and by 1.47% in the past week.
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The REAL problem with Litecoin (and crypto)

Hi Guys,
After witnessing a lot of shit posts with people complaining about why Charlie didnt say "this or that" about Litecoin, i wanted to break down what the REAL problem with Litecoin is.
It is you, the misinformed.
Here are a few points of discussion you should google and fully wrap your head around, before spreading more cancerous misinformed complaints:
A month ago, there were tons of fucktards giggling about how ETH would overtake bitcoin but just couldnt wrap their heads around this idea of network hash rate.
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[[ 155PH/s ]] [[ 2.4% ]] Bitcoin Cash hashrate update @ 3:14 PM UTC Aug 1, 2017

Figures reported as of 8:12 PM UTC Aug 1, 2017

Bitcoin Cash currently has 245 PH/s ( 3.8 %)

(Congrats! We have mined 4 blocks so far on the cash chain! We are free! Difficulty will start to lower in 2 more blocks) 29 PH/s ViaBTC: 216 PH/s ----------------------------------------- TOTAL BITCOIN CASH HASHRATE: 245 PH/s TOTAL BITCOIN NETWORK HASHRATE: 6414 PH/s (around time of fork) BITCOIN CASH PERCENTAGE: 3.9 % 
These figures were drawn from:
Note: There are also likely solo miners that we are unaware of (there is no way to track their hashrate).
Are there any other pools that we can add to the figure? Please post them in comments if you know of any.
I will update this post every 1-2 hours.
3:14 PM UTC Aug 1, 2017: 155 PH/s (2.4%)
3:26 PM UTC Aug 1, 2017: 162 PH/s (2.5%)
4:43 PM UTC Aug 1, 2017: 212 PH/s (3.3%)
7:09 PM UTC Aug 1, 2017: 247 PH/s (3.9 %)
8:12 PM UTC Aug 1, 2017: 245 PH/s (3.8 %)
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Bitcoin Analysis

Bitcoin Analysis
After the beginning of the bull run of Bitcoin, we have decided to track down how trading volume and blockchain indicators have been changing from mid-2017 to present

  1. Trading volumes increased one and a half times from the maxima of 2017.
  2. With an increase of the network activity, commissions rose to $5 (to the level of January 2018).
  3. After a 35% drop in November 2018, the Bitcoin network Hashrate and difficulty set new records.
  4. The number of transactions has increased significantly since May 2019. On May 2, 2019, the second result in the history was shown, with a number of 452,000 transactions per day.
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Why BU was not created to win.

  1. F2Pool will never support BU because they are partners with BitFury and buy miners from BF.
  2. Without F2Pool BU will not get more than ~55%
  3. Jihan Wu is not an idiot at all and won't gamble with 50/50 odds.
  4. BitFury have just started shipping of their last generation miners.
  5. BF's miners are more efficient that Bitmain's.
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Difficult to fundraise $3 000? Let's collect easily $5 000 000 a year! DOGECOIN 2.0 ideation.

Decentralization and democratization.
Doge 4 Family House fundraising is struggling to raise Ð1,500,000. Where the heck are 110,000,000,000 dogecoins? Fundraiser asks for only 1 dogecoin in 73333. What is going wrong? As of today, yearly mined dogecoins are worth around 5 million USD! Why so difficult to gather just $3 thousand?
I've joined dogecoin community around half a year after dogecoins' birth, i.e. it was too late to mine with a home computer as asics were coming into the market. Asics and merged mining with litecoin centralized dogecoin and took away a lot of fun from average shibies and reserved this space for rather rich people or mining enterprises, huge warehouses filled with electronic equipment doing nothing important for humanity - wasteful calculations. What are asics? They are specialized chips able to quickly solve a very narrow class of problems. Apart of mining, asics designed for mining can only be used as heaters or collectibles. While mining, they solve meaningless problems. There is no use of these computations apart of creating dogecoins, litecoins or bitcoins. Daily electricity usage (only bitcoin network) exceeds 1 million USD daily. The cost of equipment to match bitcoin network hashrate I have estimated to cost currently between 100 and 500 million USD. If dogecoin would be valued close to 1Ð = 1$, dogecoin mining network would be as costly and seeping as much electricity. All these money and resources for garbage calculations. This is basically wrong.
As I was unable to mine, I have bought some dogecoins on the market. I won some in design competitions here on reddit/dogecoin, I tipped and I've been tipped quite a lot. I gave up tobacco in favour of electric cigs and doing other similar savings and altogether I have collected close to one million dogecoins. Well, over 90 000 left in dogetipbot were burnt in 'Wow Such Business' by Mohland, some disappeared on some websites that... disappeared. My bad.
Last month I decided to review my 'investments'. I have sold most of my dogecoins I had left in my wallet and Shibe Poker site and bought some other coins, especially gridcoins. As an investment - I could point to some other coins that seem to have higher potential to bring a good return. But I like Gridcoin Research. This coin is based on mixed Proof of Stake and Proof of Research. The latter one is basically a variant of Proof of Work. Now it's almost a week since I've started mining cryptocurrency for the first time in my life! And it's quite exciting. Preliminary estimations show that I won't make any good return on mining gridcoin. Electricity here is expensive. Buying and holding - if it would take off 'to the moon' one day - would be much more profitable. Return will roughly cover only mining electricity costs (or not fully), at least in my case. But! But I like it! I can be a part of the system, unlike in dogecoin nowadays. I take part in scientific research. Years ago I had a special screensaver and my AMD Athlon desktop was crunching numbers for [email protected] project. Now I can continue this project or start any other ranging from mathematical problems to mapping new territories in our bodies, from discovering the shape of our Milky Way to finding cures for illnesses. While Dogecoin is aiming for the Moon, Gridcoin is reaching far further away (from asteroids, through Milky Way to distant galaxies) and far closer (researching our own genome, gut bacteria, Zika cure, treatment for common childhood cancers). Mining power of our home computers that is meaningful for humanity. Which is Wow? Much amaze? So science!


Here goes my proposal for DOGECOIN 2.0. It's only ideation, I know it would need a huge amount of work and it would be difficult, but first we need a direction and then we can research feasibility.
1) Migration from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake + Proof of Research (or other useful Proof of Work that is non Asic based) = taking new coins from whales only back to community, empowering shibes. Surely, those who are cleverer, working harder, can and want to invest more money will get higher share is rewards. At least their mining rigs would do a meaningful job and average John Doe will be still relevant with his all purpose desktop computer.
2) Reward scheme. There is 5 billion extra supply a year plus mining fees. For simplicity I will assume just for this draft there is 5 billion coins to share but in more detailed plan we should add mining fees, too.
2a) 20% (1 billion Ð ~ 2 million $) for Non Profit. A list of eligible organizations / projects would be proposed, voted and whitelisted. 2b) 1% (50 million Ð ~ 100 thousand $) for DEV fund 2c) 1% (50 million Ð ~ 100 thousand $) for Dogecoin Foundation (marketing, maintaining list of non profit projects and checking those projects - or it could be part of 2a) above 2d) 39% (1.75 billion Ð) for Proof of Stake (interest) 2e) 39% (1.75 billion Ð) for Proof of Work (non Asic - like gridcoins' Proof of Research) (mining) Coins collected as fees should be assigned proportionately or some other way to above funds.
Would dogecoin reach current litecoin market cap, above sums would reach $20 million/year for non profit projects, $1 million/year for development etc. At some point shares could be adjusted.


Inflation, or more precisely dogecoin supply growth which is 5 billion a year, or currently less than 5% a year is by some shibes regarded as a brake for market value growth. It was discussed several times.
There seems nothing fundamentally wrong with keeping current supply growth rate as it is.


Due to excellent job devs are doing I have retrieved some coins from dogeparty. Just quote ‘Much Humanity, So Earth, Such Fun’ in your reply to get a tip. Over 1000 dogecoins from my retrieved dogeparty funds are up for grabs!

Hard Fork

Such a huge change could cause a hard fork with both forks alive, i.e. old and new dogecoins would coexist. Is it something to be afraid of? As recent story of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash shows, such a scenario is possible, what is more - does not effect badly either new or old fork. Thus I would take it a step further and deliberately leave old dogecoin and start a new one.
Proposed changes would bring back decentralization and democratization and empower community, allow collect easily substantial amounts of money for non profit projects, secure development and potentially put into good use thousands to millions of our home computers. I expect this would lead to greater adoption and rise in value - for those looking to 1Ð = 1$.
If Dogecoin 1.0 was aiming To The Moon, for Dogecoin 2.0 let's aim For Humanity, For Earth, For Fun!


Giveaway ended. Final remarks.

All the best!
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Holy hash rate increase! Hit 1115 PH/s

Anyone know why the hash rate has increased substantially in the past 12 hours? Are the 16NM asics out now? 770 to 1115 PH/s that's insane.
edit - And it's still rising! 1134PH/s
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Simple proof this is a coordinated attack against Bitcoin

Look at the following links. The BCH supporters mined Bitcoin up until the moment the next difficulty adjustment took place to make sure it stayed as high as possible. (it did) Now that the difficulty is at the second highest in the history of Bitcoin (and will stay there for another 2016 blocks) they moved over to BCH and started the pump campaign. They have a higher hash rate than Bitcoin and we all know the BCH difficulty model is a joke. It's an undeniable attack on Bitcoin. Stay strong guys and gals. This will pass. Bitcoin will hold. When the difficulty for Bitcoin adjusts back down (by a massive margin) the miners will come back and a mass BCH exodus will occur. Probably about the same time the CME futures contracts get listed for Bitcoin.
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To all BTC Hodlers (FUDsters) about EOS is centralized with 21 BP!
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How is Litecoin's Hashrate so high?

I was comparing Litecoin's and Bitcoin's hashrate using the data at It says that LTC's hash rate is at 100 TH/s [1] while BTC's hash rate is at 14 TH/s [2] (lots of rounding on my part).
I was surprised that this was the case given that BTC probably (I'm sure of this but don't know where the data is) has a lot more miners.
Is LTC's hashing function significantly simpler and faster than BTCs?
[1] [2]
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Is it worthwhile to be engaged in the mining of bitcoin in 2018?

Many people engaged in mining and bought from the trading shelves of the video card, against the background of the rapid growth of bitcoin in 2017. People could not buy special ASIC-miners even by prior order. But what to do today, when bitcoin is not happy with its price the last six months?
The mining market will continue to develop this year. It is enough to look at the bitcoin network hashrate timetable to make sure the industry develops. So from January to June, the bitcoins get more than doubled from 15 to 36 execs per second.
Another confirmation of the prospect of mining is the multimillion-dollar investment in the industry. Japanese Internet giant GMO Internet Group spent $ 320 million on its own farm and has already extracted over 900 bitcoins on it. According to estimations of large market players for the mining of one bitcoin goes from 6 to 7 thousand dollars.
A typical miner needs to carry out an individual calculation. Take into account the complexity of production and predict its change, choose a mining pool and calculate the commission and electricity costs. Comparing these parameters, you need to make a conclusion about how much to invest in equipment for mining, and how quickly investments will make a profit. With the current complexity of the network, the cost of equipment and the price of electricity, it is not worth waiting for fast super-profits. Return on investment is from 8 months to a year and a half.
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Deeper dive on government shutting down Bitcoin thought experiment.

What if there were a terror attack like 9/11 financed with cryptocurrency or the US government decided that the risks to financial surveillance and tax collection posed by cryptocurrency was so high that it decided to launch a war against cryptocurrency like its war against drugs or radical Islam and was willing to spend upwards of a trillion dollars over the next several years to combat it? Couldn’t they just mount 51% attacks on every current and future cryptocurrency and freeze all transactions?
For example, ballpark figures to duplicate current Bitcoin network hashrate would be $600 million equipment cost and $5 million per day electricity cost.
Might a response be to create niche, private, “underground” non open source, restricted access cryptocurrencies? Could these gather enough network effect to have any utility without being vulnerable to attack?
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Bitmain Approaching 51% of Total Bitcoin Network Hashrate

Bitcoin Mining giant Bitmain has mined 42% of all Bitcoin blocks this past week, steadily moving closer to controlling a majority 51% of th network hash rate.
Bitmain Moves Closer to 51%
ASIC manufacturer and cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain — claimed 42% of the total blocks found on the Bitcoin network from the past week. and AntPool, which are both owned by Bitmain, currently comprise 26.6% and 15.3% of the network hash rate, respectively.
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Bitcoin Network Hashrate At All Time High Even Among Market Corrections (current BTC/USD price is $9160.75)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Bitcoin Network Hashrate At All Time High Even Among Market Corrections
Other Related Bitcoin Topics:
Bitcoin Price | Blockchain | ICOs
The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools. Follow us on Twitter @CoinSalad.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Simple proof this is a coordinated attack against Bitcoin

The following post by yooooooolo is being replicated because the post has been silently removed and some comments within it have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7cctoc
The original post's content was as follows:
Look at the following links. The BCH supporters mined Bitcoin up until the moment the next difficulty adjustment took place to make sure it stayed as high as possible. (it did) Now that the difficulty is at the second highest in the history of Bitcoin (and will stay there for another 2016 blocks) they moved over to BCH and started the pump campaign. They have a higher hash rate than Bitcoin and we all know the BCH difficulty model is a joke. It's an undeniable attack on Bitcoin. Stay strong guys and gals. This will pass. Bitcoin will hold. When the difficulty for Bitcoin adjusts back down (by a massive margin) the miners will come back and a mass BCH exodus will occur. Probably about the same time the CME futures contracts get listed for Bitcoin.
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Ushering in the Exahash Era with the SHA-256 Cryptocurrency Mining Algorithm

Colleagues, the Exahash era of SHA-256 mining is rapidly moving into the mainstream … and much sooner than expected. Exascale computing is defined as a system that can process more than one exaflop per second — which is equal to a billion billion calculations per second. The BTC network surpassed 1 exaflop in May 0f 2013, which at the time was up to eight times faster than the combined speed of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. Enter 2018. The BTC hashrate is over 30-35 exahash per second or over 30 billion gigahashes per second, and the BCH network is 3-5 exahash per second or over 5 billion gigahashes per second. Nakamoto consensus is a name for Bitcoin’s decentralized, pseudonymous consensus protocol and is considered as Bitcoin’s core development and innovation. So when will we see the 500 exahash zetahash era? Share a comment and subscribe today! Lawrence, Cryptocurrency Academy (
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Changelog 4.2.6 (18 Dec 2017)

Version 4.2.6
Version 4.2.5
Version 4.2.4
Version 4.2.3
Version 4.2.2
Version 4.2.1
Version 4.2
Version 4.1.2
Version 4.1.1
Version 4.1
IMPORTANT: CcMiner 2.2.2 requires nVidia Drivers 384.xx or later for Cuda9 support.
Version 4.0.7
Version 4.0.6
Version 4.0.5
Version 4.0.4
Version 4.0.3
Version 4.0.2
Version 4.0.1
Version 4.0
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Letter to Andrew Demeter Potential Myriad Podcast Host.

I'm getting ready to send this recruitment note out to my first choice candidate as host----
I'm trying to get in touch with Andrew Demeter. I'm writing on behalf of the cryptocurrency community of Myriad. We are a fast growing, very active community for which we're in the process of establishing a short weekly podcast for. The plan presently is a micro-podcast that focuses mainly on Myriad's community projects placed within an established podcast w/ a relevant audience. This we hope will give outsiders a glimpse into the decentralized development and community.
Presently we're trying to identify the perfect personality to represent the community which is why I'm reaching out to Andrew. After seeing Nancy P stumped by Andrew's simple but powerful question then seeing an interview of his on Anarachast, I personally feel what Myriad is aiming to accomplish would resonant with Andrew's political leanings. So in a nutshell I'm hoping to recruit Andrew to be the voice of our community. We're planning to setup a bounty for this service, so there would be some compensation involved, although right now it would be difficult to project what that would be in a dollar amount.
To give some background on Myriad. It's a cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin with an important innovation that ensures decentralization. You might be familiar w/ the recent issues w/ the mining pool having more than 50% of the bitcoin network's hashrate. The 51% double-spend attack has long been the theoretical achilles heel of cryptos that use one algorithm in securing its blockchain (public ledger). There's a lot of speculation regarding whether a double-spend attack would actually ever occur or not, but regardless for many the continued trend of centralization is troubling. Myriad's approach to securing its blockchain helps solve this issue.
Instead of using one algorithm Myriad uses 5 concurrently to secure its blockchain. This allows for an array of hardware types to process transaction. For example, a miner using an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (known as ASICs) can mine alongside an average joe, using the cpu of his desktop, on a level playing field since they're not actually competing against each other for block rewards. This allows for a more robust and decentralized network. (Andreas Antonopoulos explaining Myriad
Presently as far as price and marketcap Myriad is flying mostly under the radar. Nevertheless, Myriad is one of the few coins that has important features that presently only coins like Bitcoin have (i.e. Electrum wallet, SMS wallet, color-coin metalayer).
If there's any interest on Andrew's part in this project or if there's any questions have him drop by Myriad's reddit page.
Best regards!
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Hoping for a network exodus.

Here's hoping for a bitcoin network hashrate drop so considerable that it leaves the S9 and similar ASIC miners undervalued and all those a**holes that bought up all the miners just to turn around and sell them for double and triple the price, are left with undervalued stock and have to eat their profits.... lol
Then I'll just buy a few and mine some easy BTC ;)
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Bitcoin Hashrate

$BTCUSD Bitcoin network Hashrate grows to over 5 exohash!😱 The estimated difficulty is 14,26% higher compared to this current one

crypto #BullBoard

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HISTORISCHER BITCOIN HASHRATE EINBRUCH!!! HISTORICAL BITCOIN HASHRATE DROP!!! Bitcoin hashrate- 0 to 100 quintillion in 10 years ... Does bitcoin hash rate Matter? Crypto Marketer Answers OMG!!!!! BITCOIN HASHRATE ALL-TIME-HIGH!!!!!! CHAINLINK ...

Mining hashrate is a key security metric. The more hashing (computing) power in the network, the greater its security and its overall resistance to attack. Although Bitcoin’s exact hashing power is unknown, it is possible to estimate it from the number of blocks being mined and the current block difficulty. The Bitcoin Hash rate--a measure of the amount of computation power channeled by miners to the network, is down 10 percent two days after the Bitcoin mining difficulty was increased by 3.62 percent on Oct 17. The Bitcoin Network Machine Often, the network hash rate falls whenever there is a positive readjustment.… As 1 watt is equal to 1 joule/s, this measure can also be expressed as J/Ghash, or joules per 1 billion hashes. Bitcoin network hash rate. The hash/s is also used in calculations of the Bitcoin network's overall hash rate. Because each miner or mining pool only relays a solved block to the network, the overall hash rate of the network is calculated based on the time between blocks. While not ... If I flip a fair coin repeatedly, and tell you that I found 1 billion heads, it's (practically) statistically certain that I flipped the coin very nearly 2 billion times. The same sort of extrapolation can determine the total network power based on the success rate. – Tim S. Jan 30 '14 at 21:53 The BitcoinCash network hashrate chart can be used to visualize BitcoinCash mining hashrate increases and decreases viewable in segment options of daily, weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, and all time.

[index] [5979] [11006] [3422] [35725] [32721] [38384] [38237] [32226] [23318] [20719]


🔵Phemex $112 Extra Bonus: 🔵Phemex Tutorial: 🟡B... Tel Aviv, Israel- Welcome to The 1 Bitcoin Show! 5 digit realm is back, of course! Amazing BTC hashrate numbers. Where else can you see numbers like that? A new paradigm! Lightning network ... Does Bitcoin's hashrate matter to the network's level of security and its price action on the market? Veteran crypto pro Yasha Harari answers the question. Question's source: Krown's Crypto Cave ... BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. The BTC news & analysis can be inspiration for you... 🔵Phemex $112 Extra Bonus: 🔵Phemex Tutorial Deutsch: