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Bitcoin (BCH) Compared To Computers

If computer hard drives would have stayed at 1mb, the amount of use cases for computers would have been very limited.
If the bitcoin (BCH) block size would have stayed at 1mb, the amount of use cases for BCH would have been very limited.
In the same way that computers are only as useful as their storage capacity allows, BCH is only as useful as its blocksize limitations.
For now, BCH has plenty big enough blocks to do all kinds of incredible things using the OP_RETURN. In a few years, just as computer hard drives will be larger, so too will the blocks. How large? Let the free market decide!
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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Big changes coming, moving to website orders only

We'd appreciate it if people could get the word out to FashionReps and Repsneakers.
Hey all. Seas here to announce that some big changes are on the way.
It’s been a crazy and exhausting couple of months while we’ve tested out some new ideas. Some have been fruitful, while others have been a bust. We branched out into WeChat and the /Muks_Store subreddit, and tried setting up a DHGate store and accepting Bitcoin. But in doing all of this, we really over-extended ourselves. Managing all these platforms and payment channels has turned into a tremendous undertaking, eating up valuable hours that could be spent on searching out new stock or developing the business. So we’re going to scrap a lot of stuff, and start consolidating all of our business and customer service in one place: the website.
Most of you have noticed that our yupoo, website, and subreddit pricelist are all depressingly out of date, so in the next couple of days, we’ll work on making the website our main catalog, storefront, and chat platform. Here’s how this will affect you guys, as customers:
  1. Website prices will be adjusted to match our Bitcoin/Western Union/Moneygram/Taobao/DHGate prices.
  2. No more new Skype or WeChat adds, at least for the next two days.
  3. Halting WeChat adds indefinitely, and slowly moving old customers to our website ordeticketing system.
  4. If the above step is successful, possibly stopping all Skype, WeChat, and Whatsapp activity and moving all communications to the website ordeticketing system.
  5. Eventually, no more Bitcoin/Western Union/Moneygram/Taobao/DHGate payment, except for old customers still on the old chat platforms.
No doubt this will negatively affect some of you guys, especially those who are unable to pay through the payment processor on our website. We’ll be continually looking for solutions to this and other issues. But, this is a necessary sacrifice. We’re finding it impossible to sustain our current business model.
This is because we spend way too much time chatting with customers, and not enough time developing the business. We’ve hit a bottleneck in terms of how many orders we can take a day, and it’s because we have to conduct the entire order process via chat. If we can reduce this workload by automating more parts of the process, we’ll be able to offer better service, serve more customers, and bring new offerings to the table. This may even free up enough time for us to start contributing interesting content to the reps community. But in our current state, the work is slowly the team’s will to continue. Something big needs to change.
Many of you know Lin. Lin is our Skype guy, the guy I first encountered when approaching Muks to buy a pair of reps. When I first met Lin online, he was patient, cheerful, and enthusiastic. He was real and approachable, which was dramatically different from the other rep sellers. Him and Song (the WhatsApp guy, and original Muks) ran their business with rare kind of integrity and commitment to service. It felt pretty special.
Several months later, Lin no longer resembles that cheerful dude I first met on Skype. He is haggard. He is anxious. There’s no hint of his former enthusiasm.
Below is a short story about Lin.

A Day in the Life of Lin:

Lin gets home. It's 7:30AM. He's been up all night fielding questions on Skype. He sleeps until noon, and upon waking, immediately drives his electric scooter to the apartment serving as our office. He has not had time to shower, and has not for the last 4 days. He sits down at his desk and wakes his computer from sleep. As soon as he logs in, the familiar sound of Skype’s notifications begins chirping through the speakers.
Chirp. Chirp. 246 unread messages.
Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. 249 unread messages.
He begins working through them from the bottom up. He used to engage with customers warmly. But now, he fears they will take it as an invitation to be chatty. There's just too many people to talk to, and not enough time. So he keeps his responses laconic: Sure. No. TTS. Out of stock.
The chatting is manageable, for a while. He’s down to 185. Outside, it begins to rain.
Then he sees the next name and his heart drops. The customer has been chatting with him for two months, without placing an order. They’ve repeatedly backed out of their order at the last second, asking for new quotes with new combinations of shoes and different couriers.
Can you quote me for ABC? Can you give me a discount please? How about for XYZ? Can I get your WU info? Then he disappears. Two days later: How about Taobao? Can you do it cheaper please? But for these other shoes. Lin sends a new quote and link, and again, nothing. Lin chats with the customer for 15 minutes, and gives him another quote. Ok I’ll think about it, thanks!
All the while, Skype is chirping in the background. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. 203 unread messages.
Lin continues in this fashion until 6, when we prepare to ship the day’s greenlit orders. He begins carefully inspecting each pair, even though customers have already approved them. I see him turning a shoe around in his hands, a UB 2.0 Triple White, size 9, left foot. He stares at it intently, dark circles already forming around his eyes.
“They got some silver ink on the panel,” he says. I look, and there’s indeed a speck of silver on the white plastic, next to the lettering. It’s about a millimeter in diameter.
“How do they expect us to sell these,” he mutters, while shaking his head.
He walks over to a desk and uncaps a bottle of methylbenzene, also known as toluene, a solvent. After dipping a Q-tip in the transparent liquid, he starts swabbing the silver speck. It dissolves, and he wipes away the residue.
“Best to wash your hands after using this,” he tells me.
After making sure there’s no residue left, grabs a pair of scissors and clips some loose threads coming out of the cage stitching. Finally satisfied, he gently lowers the pair of UB’s into a plastic bag, before returning them to their box. “It’s so the lettering doesn’t rub off, during shipment.”
By 7PM, we’re ready to haul the shoes to the shipping agent. Lin lugs a giant cardboard box full of shoes down to the basement, and sets it onto the back of his scooter. With any luck the rain has stopped, for the moment.
At 9PM, Lin’s back at the office. “There was an issue at the shipping agent’s. They’re having trouble using Aramex to ship to India, and they’re saying we need some stamps and documents we can’t provide. The buyer’s getting impatient. We’ll have to figure something out.” But it’ll have to wait till tomorrow; today’s shipping hours have ended. Lin glances over to the Skype window on his computer screen: 140 unread messages.
After some more chatting, it’s 11PM. Time to pick up the day’s orders from supply points scattered around the city. The rain has started up again. Lin throws on a rain poncho and heads back to the basement, where his scooter is charging. The battery barely holds much charge anymore, and the steering’s been acting up. But there’s no time to shop around for a new one. Maybe next week. If we’re less busy.
At 2AM, Lin comes through the door lugging a cardboard box stuffed full of sneakers. His poncho is dripping all over the floor. “We need to stop picking up from PK,” he says, after dropping the box on the ground. “The size 45 Breds we picked up, were a size 45 box with 44s inside. And they keep mixing in stock from other suppliers.”
Nobody is surprised. It’s not the first time this happened with PK.
“Somebody posted a review of our PK Coppers on Reddit the other day, and other users told him it wasn’t PK. How do we even explain this to them?” Nobody has an answer. We could stop selling PK, but we’d lose a lot of customers. The problem, like most others, will have to wait.
After sorting through the stock we’ve picked up, it’s 3AM. Lin goes back to his computer. He checks the tea tin he uses as an ashtray. It’s full of soggy cigarette butts. He empties it into the trash can next to his desk, which is itself almost overflowing with cigarette butts. Pulling out a fresh pack, he mentally prepares himself. The next few hours will be more QC, more orders, more answering questions.
It’s 7AM. The sun is up. Construction can be heard in the distance as the city begins to awaken. Lin squints at his Skype window: the unread messages tab reads 0.
With a big sigh, he pushes his chair back from his desk, and stands up. He stretches his arms out over his head, body sore from sitting scrunched over for the last 4 hours. He grabs the keys to his scooter off his desk, and lumbers slowly to the door. Another day, over.
On his way out, a familiar sound starts to emanate from behind him: Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.
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[WTS] Tudor North Flag [Mint]. $2100


BRAND Tudor North Flag.
Price $2100 , shipping in not included in this price.
Watch Condition Mint condition with only very minor scratches in the bracelet. All are show in the photos. The case, crystal, crown are in pristine condition. The watch itself is in perfect working condition, even so far as running at +/- 0spd or -1spd in some positions. Well within COSC specifications. Included in the pictures is the watch on a timegrapher running at -1spd.
What's Included Original box and papers. Includes warranty card. The watch has been resized for a 7-7.5 inch wrist, so a link was removed. This link is included in the box.
Payment method Paypal, Wire transfer, Bitcoin/Etherium
Location Washington, DC, USA
Shipping Method USPS, UPS or FedEx. The watch would be insured and include a tracking number.
Anything Else? This watch comes with Tudors superb in house MT5621 movement. It has a 40mm diameter. The build quality of this watch is excellent. It's designed thoroughly to be a tool watch and in my opinion, it is one of the most underrated watches in the market right now. It's quality is comparable to pieces from other manufacturers that are sold for easily 2 or 3 times the price. I am in the process of reducing the size of my watch collection, and I do not plan on actively wearing my North Flag enough to keep it in it's box.
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WTS **RARE** 5 oz Swiss of America Silver Round .999 5 Ounce Puck Draper Mint 1970's

Verification and Images FINAL Reduced Price - Shipping/Insurance is on my dime (FREE).
Selling rare (1970's) hockey pucks, also know as 5 oz silver rounds, .999 fine. Made by Draper Mint in Utah
Quantity of 31. $155.00/each shipped (with insurance) I'll consider best offers (especially for bigger purchases).
Paypal FF or Normal Paypal add 3%. I would entertain Bitcoin and can setup google wallet if that's your only payment method.
I know I have no feedback, but am on an auction site under sbro9753 with good feedback.
EDIT1 If you buy 4 or more, receive them in dollar tubes (They fit perfectly - 4 per tube)
EDIT2 Image of Side 38.5 mm in diameter and has a thickness of 14 mm. This round is about 1/2 inch thick!
EDIT3 Added Video! Video
EDIT4 Reduced Price (Final reduction) - Modified payments I accept.
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PoW algorithm supporting arbitrarily high difficulty?

So, I was thinking about cryptocurrencies that can be used into the far future. Bitcoin itself is rather short-lived. The current difficulty is 1,590,896,927,258. This means the number of 0's at the beginning of the hashcash-sha256 sum is approximately 32 + log_2(difficulty), or roughly 72 zeroes. SHA256 has 256 bits total, so the number of nonzero bits right now is 256 - 72 = 184. Assuming Moore's law, it will take 184 * 2 = 368 years before difficulty is maxed out.
(Moore's law may, or may not, actually continue unimpeded for 368 years. Only time will tell. In particular, growth in processing power might follow a logistic curve, not an exponential curve - which looks like an exponential curve at the beginning, before it begins to level out. But unless you have statistically significant evidence that Moore's law is actually not correct, please don't comment saying that there's no way we'll ever max out the difficulty, bringing in the fact that there are only 2273 atoms in the universe, or things of that sort. In particular, not all particles are atoms: atoms are made of nucleons (which in turn are made of quarks) and electrons, and there's also dark matter, so you've got a lot more particles to count if you want to suggest that as a limit on computation. Also, fundamentally, there might be laws of physics that we have not yet discovered, that open up whole new kinds of processors.)
Anyway, before difficulty is maxed out, bitcoin must hard fork - or the time between blocks will begin decreasing by half every 2 years. To shoot from the hip a little bit, the diameter of the Earth is 12,756 KM, or 0.04 light seconds. Bitcoin block time starts at 600 seconds. The number of halvings it takes for block time to decrease to 0.04 seconds is log_2 (600 / 0.04) = 13.8, and according to Moore's law, it will take 13.8 * 2 = 27.6 years for that to happen. In total, we have 368 + 27.6 = 395.6, or roughly 400 years, until we max out bitcoin difficulty and blocks are mined so fast that (unless we have discovered faster-than-light communication by then, or reduced the size of the Earth) they cannot possibly be transmitted as fast as they are mined. After that, the blockchain will begin to fracture, because by the time the blocks you mine reach the other side of the planet, the miners over there will already have mined far, far more blocks than you had 0.04 seconds ago, if that makes sense.
The hard forks that exist today may, or may not, mildly weaken Bitcoin's position. BCH seems to be the biggest one, but Bitcoin is still clearly dominant, as the first mover. However, when Bitcoin actually breaks (which it will), there will be no clear leader. A multitude of contenders will exist. Like VHS vs Betamax, it will take time to figure out which one is to be the leader, and a lot of people will probably lose a lot of money.
So, are there any PoW algorithms that support arbitrary difficulty? Any ideas?
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Weekly Roundup

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Behind the Belt: Short Documentary featuring China’s cultural and economic relationship with Kenya through the eyes of the younger generation
  2. China’s Top Ideologue Calls for Tight Control of Internet
  3. Shinzo Abe: Japan ready to cooperate with China on Global trade plan, hopes to have trilateral meeting with Chinese premier and SK president before end of this year.
  4. Illini Shuttle launches a racist attack on Chinese international students. They protested. Scummy racist van company gets destroyed on review sites.
  5. Mistrust of Australia is growing in China
  6. Puerto Rico's Desperate. China Can Help.
  7. Silk diplomacy of the Celestial Empire against the Turkistan Islamic Party: The civil war in #Syria and growing TIP in the world's jihadist movement forced Beijing to make adjustments to foreign policy. Today, several dozen Chinese military advisers are training the Syrian military in Damascus
  8. China pushing billions into #Iran economy as Western firms stall: China financing billions of dollars of Chinese-led projects, making deep inroads into the economy while European competitors struggle to find banks willing to fund their ambitions, Iranian government and industry officials said
  9. Xi calls for promoting China #Myanmar economic corridor: "We have a long history of friendly friendship and close cooperation with mutual trust and mutual respect in recent years" said Suu Kyi. Xi proposed economic corridor with Myanmar to enhance trade investments and explore new cooperation areas
  10. Ad promises students 'You won't feel like you're in China when you're on our buses': "These types of racist and bigoted statements...deserve nothing but condemnation from all of us" - University of Illinois. Suburban sent a second email it titled "Apology" -- but the message didn't sound apologetic
  11. Asian American Doctor Put on Probation After Revealing He Gets Bullied at Work
  12. Air China To Launch Beijing-Panama Flights in 2018
  13. Budapest Summit: The Silk Road Comes to #Europe. China has comprehensively expanded its relations with the 16 states of the region, offering loans and construction support for a variety of infrastructure projects that are expected to facilitate the Silk Road's expansion into Europe
  14. China's animation wins first prize of Anilogue International #Animation Festival in Hungary: "Big Fish and Begonia" won the first prize of the full-length film category
  15. International forum analyzes evil nature of #FalunGong: Michael Kropveld, Founder and Executive Director of Info-Cult/Info-secte, said though China and western countries differ in culture, religion, history and law, the behavior of Li Hongzhi his followers are no doubt promoting a cult
  16. Panama builds "China team" to improve bilateral ties
  17. After ditching Taiwan, China says Panama will get the help it needs
  18. 'It's just a waste of money': Chinese students regret enrolling in US universities
  19. China, Maldives to increase Belt and Road cooperation: Yameen said the #Maldives viewed China as "amongst our closest friends, most trusted and most dependable partners." "The Belt and Road Initiative has greatly helped the development of many small and medium countries," he said
  20. Dragon of Afghanistan: Bruce Lee lookalike reviled by Extremists (Trailer) Premiere 12/6
  21. China’s ban on imported plastic leads to ‘impending crisis’ for UK waste recycling
  22. Russia-China bond market play could kick-start new dollarless financial system: The Moscow stock exchange will soon issue nearly $1 billion-worth of yuan-denominated bonds. It could become the start of a new financial system not based on the US dollar, analysts say
  23. China, Russia seek closer military cooperation: Military cooperation plays an important role in #Russia-China relations and the two countries should continue to strengthen their partnership in joint military drills, army games and personnel training, Putin said
  24. Trump fiddles with phone as US burns out in Asia, and China gives a lesson in leadership
  25. China offers to help get Israelis and Palestinians talking. Beijing calls for restraint as violence follows US decision to move embassy to Jerusalem.
  26. If U.S. Navy vessel docks in Kaohsiung, China will attack: PRC embassy minister
  27. 澳洲人民站起来了
  28. The China-Russia-Canada-America Train / Tunnel Link?
In Domestic news
  1. Chinese manned submersible with pinpoint accuracy officially commissioned: Shenhai Yongshi, or "deep sea warrior," control system enables the submersible to locate an item with a diameter of less than 50 cm some 3,500 meters underwater
  2. Gas shortage for winter heating sparks outrage
  3. What’s wrong with China’s kindergartens?
  4. At home and abroad, the swaggering Lu Wei, China’s now disgraced chief censor, won all his battles. Whether publicly cowing the country’s “Big V” bloggers or extracting homage from Western media and technology executives. Some speculate Mr. Lu’s didn’t go far enough to satisfy his boss, President Xi
  5. 中华人民共和国反间谍法实施细则
  6. English Teacher at Top School in China Fired Over Sexual Abuse Allegations
  7. Chinese per capita energy consumption expected to double by 2040
  8. Arrest warrant issued for 2nd HK Localist Rioter who skipped out on bail
  9. 中国驻美公使:美军舰抵达高雄日就是我军武统之时
In SciTech news
  1. China to power WuXi NextCODE, the Google of human #genome data: WXNC’s “genomically ordered relational database” was designed to store and analyse huge amounts of genetic code and index new genetic variations from genomes sequenced by the company, its partners and in every public data resource
  2. China is catching to the USA, while Japan is being left behind
  3. Fossil of a 'strange' sea creature discovered: with long spines along its wormlike body and a shell that covers its head like a helmet. The 2-centimeter-long creature, whose scientific name is Orthrozanclus elongata, lived during the Cambrian period
  4. Chinese scientists develop liquid metal 3D printing technique
  5. China's Dark Matter Space Probe Just Detected...Something Very Interesting: haven't found #darkmatter yet, but found what could be an indicator of it. Technically, it's called a spectral break, and while we've seen indirect measurements, this is the first time such a blip has been directly spotted
  6. Inside Baidu’s Bid to Lead the AI Revolution
  7. Better mastery of heat flow leads to next-generation thermal cloaks: #Thermalcloak is designed to hide heated objects from infrared. Materials for such cloaks would need to offer zero thermal conductivity. Fudan University a new mechanism for designing such materials
  8. U.S. and China Satellite Cooperation Means Better Service for Civilian GPS Users: The United States and China have negotiated compatible signal characteristics that will both protect and enhance service for users of the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS) and the equivalent Chinese system
  9. Long March 2D lofts latest Yaogan Weixing satellite – named LKW-1: The Jianbing-6 electro-optical satellites carry high resolution optical sensors and reportedly have a resolution of between one to three meters and are placed in orbits that provide favorable illumination for the imaging missions
  10. China shows off drone brigade at Guangzhou Fortune Forum gala. 1180 drones weighing a ton and controlled by a console and one operator.
  11. China gets big boost in semiconductor equipment localization
  12. China is racing down the path of global digital domination, with Xi Jinping in the driver’s seat. China is already spending the equivalent of 2.1 per cent of its 2016 economic output on technology research and development, more than the European Union’s 2.08 per cent.
  13. Chinese Scientist discovers Perfectly Preserved Dinosaur Feathers trapped in amber in unprecedented find
  14. First small unmanned cargo ship in pipeline: loading capacity of 500 metric tons and be able to sail 500 nautical miles (930 km) with its battery fully charged. Such unmanned vehicles are expected to lower the number of human-error incidents at sea, reduce labor costs and cut emissions
  15. Shanghai subway to use Alibaba voice and facial recognition systems in #AI push: Passengers would be able to tell their destination to ticket machines, and the machines would then recommend the best route
In Economic news
  1. China’s Auto Industry Accelerates in Race Against Foreign Rivals: Lynk & Co. upscale vehicles capable of matching foreign rivals. “Local (Chinese) cars are now the ones that really offer the best value for money,”
  2. To counter NAFTA risks, Trudeau seeks to initiate FTA negotiations with China
  3. Economic Watch: Why the U.S. rejection of China's market economy status is wrong - Xinhua
  4. Chinese manufacturing may not be moving to Africa all that soon - The most common response to rising wages, however, was not relocating to countries with cheaper labor but turning to automation
  5. China Will Lead an Electric Car Future, Fords Chairman Says
  6. Iran & China seek to eliminate US dollar from bilateral trade
  7. China’s Agricultural Imports Will See Continuous Increase
  8. plans to build nearly 200 drone airports in rural China
  9. China’s phone market is now dominated by five companies, none of which is Samsung
  10. Business Opportunities from Consumption Upgrade in China
  11. The coming trade war over data
  12. Beijing’s bitcoin ban ‘helped China dodge a scary cryptocurrency bubble’: Despite China’s ban on #cryptocurrency exchanges, the government said it was looking into issuing its own sovereign digital currency
  13. China may top US as the world’s biggest consumer by 2022: Chinese imports from Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America and Eastern Europe have already topped those by the US
  14. Ford and Alibaba sign deal for 'car vending machine' sales in China Wants to 'reimagine vehicle ownership experience'
  15. Nvidia’s Shield TV offers Wii and GameCube games in HD in China: running in 1080p resolution, including New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and PUNCH-OUT
  16. Oil Prices Rise On Solid Chinese Demand
  17. China dominates top economies in patent applications. Last year accounted for more applications than US, Europe, Korea and Japan, combined.
  18. China's e-commerce retail over 40% of global market in 2016, doubles US
  19. Ford recruits #Alibaba to help break into China’s electric vehicle industry: The scope of alliance is fairly broad and vague at this point, but a large chunk of the”strategic collaboration” appears to be based around developing a direct sales channel to reach consumers in China
In Military news
  1. China confirms deployment of fighters to South China Sea island for first time: China had sent J-11B fighters to Woody Island in #Paracel. Thermostabilized hangar boosts the jet fighters’ durability and resistance to the island’s humidity and high temperatures,” for longer-term deployments
  2. China Has a Plan to Make America's Stealth Aircraft Obsolete
  3. US defense companies facing increased competition from China
  4. China building more Yuyi-class LCACs: Five Type 726As that appeared to be nearly completed could be seen at the yard on 24 November. The first of these 20,000-tonne amphibious assault ships was commissioned in 2007
  5. Is China chipping away at the Asean bloc? Diplomatic observers say that by pulling its neighbours closer, Beijing is stretching ties between other countries in the region, testing bonds within the Asean bloc on big issues like the South China Sea
  6. Combat ready: Chinese air force puts new Y-9 transport planes through paces in South China Sea drill. Flew thousands of km to simulate an airdrop over an island in the contested waters. The exercise was conducted in mock combat conditions and without weather data or guidance from a command centre
  7. US Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten has alleged that China and Russia have reportedly been developing capabilities, including jamming and laser weapons, that can target military assets of the United States, based in space
  8. China’s Type 001A Aircraft Carrier to House 40 J-15 Fighter Jets: The Type 001A carrier, which is close to completing its mooring test, fifth generation jets such as J-20 and J-31 are meant for flight operations from China's future aircraft carriers with the electromagnetic launcher system
  9. China and Iran carry out naval exercise near Strait of Hormuz as US holds drill with Qatar
Other Notables
  1. Asia's first fully-automated port sets new record
  2. Does anyone have English subtitles for the show "In the name of the people" (人民的名义)?
  3. West meets East: An American girl’s bond with China. Chinese social media have fallen in love with an American teenage girl, after listening to her reciting of an ancient Chinese poem. Happy Rogers, daughter of US investor Jim Rogers, recited a poem written by a Chinese poet of the Song Dynasty
  4. Traditional Han-style group wedding ceremony held in Hunan
  5. Forgotten Japanese POW camp recalled in Chinatown exhibition: The display of 200 enlarged images, along with wall text and illustrations smuggled out by the POWs themselves, comes from China’s Site Museum of Shenyang POW Camp of World War II Allied Forces, and this is its North American premiere
  6. Westerner totally gets it about China
  7. uo'aXy'an Lesson One: Introduction and Greetings (TIL Star Citizen scifi game has a made up alien inspired by Han dynasty and there's a made up language to go with it)
  8. How is the UCLA Basketball team theft being portrayed in China? What are the reactions?
  9. Apple CEO backs China’s vision of an ‘open’ Internet as censorship reaches new heights
  10. Russian election interference: Western leaders hypocritical in manufactured outrage against Russia and China
  11. Chinese Teen Cancer Patient Begs Parents to Stop Her Treatments Because They Can't Afford It
  12. 印度美女漂泊14年,一心只想嫁个中国老公
  13. Homeless Hong Kong man wearing junk metal trinkets [3572 × 4000]
  14. Live: Xi'an-Chengdu HSR puts into wide operation西成高铁实现全线开通运营
  15. LSE Research in Mandarin: Chinese political thoughts | London School of Economics @uToob
  16. China showcases jet fighters at South China Sea island
  17. The Subversive Power of Chinese Internet Slang
  18. 馬雲空降魔都:不愛喝咖啡,但愛星巴克!】全球最大星巴克落戶上海,「星粉」評價:環境很贊,出品很棒,價格不便宜
  19. The day my Chinese dad was declared a ‘bona fide’ #Indonesian and given a new name: I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like living with the continuous, forced assimilation policies in the era of former president Suharto, whose ‘New Order’ regime enacted laws to counter the “Chinese problem”
  20. China and the American Revolution
  21. The Story Behind Lavish Chinese Dance Extravaganza Shen Yun
  22. Traditional Chinese Wedding Hanfu in the style of the Ming Dynasty. Hanfu from 明华堂/Minghuatang.
  23. Chinese Film Sector Charts a Course for a #SciFi Blockbuster to Call Its Own: There are now no less than 10 high-profile such projects targeting release over the coming 12 to 18 months, and many of the country's most esteemed film figures have caught the bug
  24. Ningxia under imperial rule ‘centuries earlier’: excavation of 3,000-year-old tombs. The jade mantis provides evidence of the tomb owner’s relationship with imperial governments. Discovery suggests Ningxia part of the imperial empire from the late Shang, 1,000 years earlier than previously believed
  25. 年度“開光”神曲舞蹈大匯總!【最新 中國搞笑視頻合集+中國社交網絡熱門視頻集錦 10
  26. Wedding photo on cliff face in central China
  27. Ancient China: Colossal Waterway System Built by 5,000-Year-Old #Liangzhu Civilization Discovered by Scientists. Took an estimated 3,000 people nearly a decade to build, and pushes back the date of China's earliest known large-scale water engineering project to about 5,100 years ago
  28. The Rock Springs Massacre
  29. The Child Stars Putting China’s Adult Actors to Shame: “Dream of the Red Chamber” became an overnight sensation. “The acting is really good. To be honest, it’s better than that of some superstars,” read one of hundreds of enthusiastic bullet screen comments searing across the series’ first episode
  30. Netflix acquires three more popular web dramas from China
  31. Inside the China National Acrobatic Troupe with star performer Di Hui
  32. Globe editorial: Does Justin Trudeau get China?
  33. Commentary: It's time for Australia to decide what kind of relationship it wants with China - Xinhua
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[WTS] Physical Dogecoins from Spain that contain their Face Value of 10,000 DOGE! Only 500 Minted! Plus Shibanu Dogecoins from the EU <500 Minted!

EDIT: 10/9/15 - I have updated the listing as 2 of the coins have been Sold. There are still 3 of the Crypto Imperator 10,000 DOGE coins left that are truly some beautiful coins, and each contain their Face Value/Denomination of 10,000 Dogecoins, yet any amount can be sent to its address and the coin used as a secure cold storage wallet. Their holograms are Visually Stunning!
Check my personal Limited Edition #95 CI 10,000 Dogecoin graded MS67 by ANACS in the photo album; it is a beautiful coin! It is the last 2 pictures; the very last pic is a duplicate and not the MS67.
Verification and More Pictures (Sorry the verification date is a few days old; I took the pictures and planned on listing them but it was a pretty hectic week)
Click for Full Size/Higher Resolution!
Hey guys, I have a huge collection of physical Bitcoins & other physical cryptos (such as these physical Dogecoins), and I'm selling a few extras. I love all coins in general, but these are my favorite to collect closely followed by old world silver coinage & Norfed Liberty Dollars.
Here is some of my feedback from Reddit sales
Here is my eBay profile with 100% Feedback
Here is my BitcoinTalk profile, where I have probably had the most dealings (Click on "Trust" to see Feedback)
(4 3 Available) Crypto Imperator 10,000 Dogecoins, and some background info. below:
Price per Crypto Imperator 10,000 Dogecoin -- $24
First coming out of Spain in 2014, the 10,000 Dogecoin Series were the first coins ever released by Crypto Imperator, now an established and respected manufacturer of physical crypto coins. With a very low mintage of only 500 coins, some excellent minting strikes, and beautifully complex security holograms, these coins were a hit from the start and quickly sold out. The first wallet-type physical Dogecoins ever minted, each coin contains its face value of 10,000 Dogecoins.
The zinc-alloy 10,000 Dogecoin was first released in June 2014 and is 39mm in diameter with a thickness of 3mm. The denomination on the face of the coin is "10,000 DOGE", and each coin was funded with that amount of Dogecoins by the creator. An appealing yet complex tamper-evident security hologram covers the private key to a unique Dogecoin address containing the coin's funds. The coin can be funded with any amount of extra Dogecoin by the buyer if desired, and can be used as a secure cold storage Dogecoin wallet. If you are ever ready to spend the funds contained within the coin, simply peel the hologram off of the coin to reveal the private key, which you can then import into your Dogecoin wallet of choice (however this will probably reduce the value of the coin as a collectible).
The obverse of the coin features a large centered portrait of a shiba inu dog, the dog breed famous for the "Doge" internet memes and the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Next to the 'Shibe' is the word "Wow" written in the appropriately chosen font of 'Comic Sans'. Above the Doge portrait reads the slogan, "in shibes we trust", and on the bottom of the coin the denomination "10,000 DOGE" is stamped.
On the coin's reverse is the manufacturer's name "CryptoImperator" across the top and its year of minting "2014" along the bottom, the two sets of writing separated by a beautiful floral print that goes up both sides like a vine. In the center of the coin the tamper-evident security hologram is placed, covering up the coin's private key. Crypto Imperator's hologram is one of the best; there are so many different layers in it and each has a different look depending on which angle it is viewed from (which is why I included so many different pictures). Among the different features that can be seen in the hologram are the words "Crypto Imperator Original", a rocket flying to the moon with the words "To The Moon" present, and a Roman-type figure above 2 pillars and the words "Crypto Imperator". In the center of the hologram a small window is cutout, showing the first 8 characters, or 'First Bits', of the coin's Dogecoin address.
SOLD! (1 Available) Shibanu 50,000 Dogecoin (Un-Funded, DIY physical Dogecoin) and some background info. below:
Price for the Shibanu Dogecoin -- $24 SOLD!
The very first coin released in September 2015 by Shibanu (a new physical crypto coin maker), the Shibanu 50,000 Dogecoin coin is a DIY physical Dogecoin. Each purchase includes 1 coin in a protective flip, and 1 tamper-evident security hologram (for placing a private key and assembling the coin if you choose to do so). This coin has a beautiful gold-plated finish that just shines and pictures do not do it justice.
The Shibanu 50,000 DOGE coin was first released in early September 2015 and is 38mm in diameter with a thickness of 2.5mm, composed of Zinc Alloy with a beautiful and lustrous Gold-Plated finish. The recommended denomination on the face of the coin is 50,000 DOGE, but these coins are unfunded as they were originally sold, and any amount of Dogecoin can be loaded onto them if desired. They can be used as a secure cold storage Dogecoin wallet if you choose to print and place a private key and assemble the coin with one of the tamper-evident security holograms. Please note that these coins are sold unfunded, and do not contain or come with any actual digital Dogecoin value. If you are ever ready to spend the funds contained within the coin (if you've assembled & funded it), simply peel the hologram off of the coin to reveal the private key, which you can then import into your Dogecoin wallet of choice. (This concept can be confusing, just ask if you have any questions!)
The obverse of the coin features the word "SHIBANU" stamped across the top, representing its maker, with "50000 DOGE" (representing its suggested denomination, or face value) stamped across the bottom. A large "D" is stamped into the center, with a Shiba Inu dog leaning on the top, which represents the Doge meme. To the left and right of the large "D" are the phrases "Multus Moneta" and "Multus Fortuna", which roughly translate from Latin to English as "Much Money" and "Much Fortune". The large "D" in the center also has an X pattern behind it, and those surfaces are smooth and shiny strikes, while the background has a nice contrasting textured strike.
The reverse features the word "DOGECOIN" stamped across the top in an arched fashion with the year of issue "2015" stamped across the bottom. There is an indented circular area in the center on the reverse, where a private key can be placed and covered with the provided Shibanu tamper-evident security hologram, if you choose to assemble it and/or use it as a cold storage Dogecoin wallet. Shibanu's first holograms are very appealing on the eye with many different elements, layers, and colors, depending on which angle the coin is viewed from. They feature a repeating "SHIBANU" logo in the background with a dog's paw prints and a rocket heading to the moon in the center, which has a letter "D" and the maker's name "Shibanu". There is also a small window cut out in the center of the hologram so that the coin's "First Bits", or first 8 letters of a Dogecoin address, can be viewed to verify funds contained within.
These coins are DIY (Do It Yourself) physical Dogecoins and as such are sold as unfunded kits containing 1 coin and 1 tamper-evident security hologram. The positive aspect of buying a DIY physical Dogecoin is that you don't have to trust anyone with the private keys to your Dogecoin addresses (and Dogecoin funds). With your coin, your wallet's security will be in your own hands if you choose to generate, print, and place a private key within your coin. The tamper-evident security holograms are designed in a way that if somebody gained access to your physical coin and pulled off the hologram to access your private key, it would be obvious it had been compromised due to a visible honeycomb pattern left across the back of your coin. It is your choice if you want to print a private key and assemble your coin, or leave it un-assembled as it is sold. If you need help or have any questions about generating and printing private keys for your coin, just let us know and we will send you some helpful resources and instructions.
Payment Info.- Bitcoin and/or PayPal Friends & Family highly preferred at the moment (Please leave note/comment line blank if paying with PP F&F) but will also accept PP Goods & Services (add 3% to your total). Also, I almost forgot to add- I will also definitely accept Dogecoins as payment for these physical Dogecoins!
Shipping Info.- $2.25 for basic, tracked shipping in the US via First Class Parcel (no matter if you buy 1 or all 5 coins); this will be extremely well-packaged in a bubble mailer and comes with tracking and delivery confirmation for free. If you want Priority 2-Day (which includes $50 insurance), just add $5 to your total.
Always willing to ship international at cost, and can do so very affordably. PM if interested in buying overseas.
Also- I package very securely & discretely, and drop off each package by hand- so once it's shipped you own it unless you want to pay extra for insurance. I will say though I have never had a package lost out of hundreds (knock on wood..)
About Physical Bitcoins/other cryptos:
In 2011 a man named Mike Caldwell, an avid supporter of cryptography and Bitcoin, had an idea to mint physical coins that could represent digital Bitcoin value in a more conventional way, so that more people would be able to conceptualize and understand this new digital cryptocurrency technology. He came up with a way to mint a physical coin that actually contained the digital Bitcoin value it represented. On one side of the coin, he had a recessed groove stamped into it. He then securely and safely generated new Bitcoin address public & private keys, printing the private keys (needed to spend the funds) and placing them in the recessed groove. He then had complex & layered tamper-evident holograms created to cover the private key, which served 2 purposes: 1- these complex holograms made it harder to ever create a believable counterfeit of his coins, and 2- when the holograms were peeled back exposing the private key needed to spend the funds, it left a honeycomb pattern behind, which would instantly tell someone considering buying one on the 2nd market whether the coin still contained its valuable BTC funds, or if it had been spent. He called his coins Casascius physical Bitcoins, and they proved to be very popular, with several different denominations and Series released over a couple years' time. Today these coins are highly valued & sought after collectors' items. Many individuals, groups, and companies followed suit in the years that followed, designing and minting their own physical crypto coins. And that's where we are today with these coins I have for sale. :) I tried my best to explain how physical Bitcoins/Dogecoins/etc. work in a limited space, but it is hard to fully summarize such a topic in so few words, so if you have any questions just ask!
This can all sound so complicated and confusing to someone unfamiliar with Dogecoin/cryptocurrencies and how they work. If you have any questions about these coins or Dogecoin in general, please reach out to me via a message and I would be glad to help you out!
Thanks for Reading!
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The Economics of Autonomous Ledgers (OPAL)

This is a response to a set of questions asked here.
TL;DR: Opal seeks to create a cryptocurrency with an elastic money supply, targeting an inflation rate of 0%. The mining subsidy is newly created currency and has an inflationary influence on the money supply, while the transaction fee is destroyed and has a deflationary influence. Voting is used to determine what the subsidy and fee rate should be.
Beware, I am not a trained economist. But, you don't need a dietitian to tell you that you are hungry.
We know that a unit of length should be just as long today as it is tomorrow, next year, or next decade. Similarly, a unit of value should hold the same value over time. This is the idea behind sound money.
Although the power to standardize a unit of value (along with other weights and measures) has been granted to the U.S. government by its people, that power has been misused so as to cheat sovereign debt and engineer macroeconomics. As nations compete in an inflation war to stimulate their economies, the markets form bubbles.
That power has been extended to private banks by allowing them to loan money into existence. (Consequently, banks are ever watchful, waiting for other banks to 'cash out', making online payments painfully slow and costly.) Because so much of the money supply never really exists, market bubbles tend to syncronize and collapse to give birth to monetary alternatives, like Bitcoin.
But the economics of Bitcoin are just as strange. A hard cap on the money supply is like solving the inflating universe problem by creating a unit of length (a Nakamoto) such that the diameter of the universe is always 42 Nakamotos. Now, the Earth is shrinking! It should be obvious that using Bitcoin as a solution to unencumbered inflation is the same as the problem it seeks to solve, only reversed. But, the advancement of Bitcoin is not really an economic advancement after all. It is a religious belief -- easily auditable money in a open, voluntary network is ideal.
So, we are left wanting a unit of value, but value is subjective. Do we really need 7+ billion currencies? No, not really. We can aggregate our subjectivity through voting. Then, when the majority sets its authority against us, we fight back by creating an alternative, abandoning the old world for a new one which will hear us. Let natural selection decide the more objective voice. But how do we vote for price stability?
In Opal, a transaction must include proof of work and payments. To create a transaction, a forger buys proof of work stamps from miners and combines the stamps with payments. The forger collects the mining subsidy (which scales with proof of work difficulty) and tips from payments, but must then pay the transaction fee (which scales with the size of the transaction) to the network (the fee is destroyed.)
The mining subsidy is newly created currency and has an inflationary influence on the money supply, while the transaction fee is destroyed and has a deflationary influence. If the currency is being devalued, then it is time to cut the mining subsidy and/or raise transaction fees. Conversely, when the network sees the price of its currency increasing, it can decide that it is paying too much for payments (the transaction fee is too high and/or the mining subsidy is too low) and can vote appropriately.
Large changes in demand in either direction can be accommodated by these mechanisms. Transactions have an upper and lower bound on the amount of included work (bounding the mining subsidy) and on the number of included payments (bounding the transaction fee). Combining this with control over the subsidy rate and fee rate allows for even high targets of monetary inflation or deflation to be reached.
Voting relies on a basic level of monetary literacy to be maintained by the voters. Yet, people fundamentally know what drives demand in a currency -- are prices increasing or decreasing and how expensive is it to spend money? Given a free market, people will choose cheaper transactions and non-increasing prices. But will they choose the currency in which the price of goods is decreasing?
There is no mechanism in Opal for determining when voters are deflating the money supply to increase the value of their holdings. However, a deflationary currency becomes a speculative asset and is subject to the wilderness of speculation markets. The higher transaction fees and additional effort required to maintain price stability will likely scare away average stakeholders and reduce demand in the long run.
The protocol has been designed to promote many competing currencies rather than a single currency. The currencies will grow in size and split as they get too large or disagreements arise concerning monetary policy or protocol changes. This will lead to a diverse population of currencies, from which one can create one's own basket currency. Combining this with non-coercive regulatory bodies to which votes can be donated or sold, should result in an ideal monetary system.
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The Ultimate Guide to Fittings and Couplers for Air Tools ... How to connect PVC pipes without a connector - YouTube Two Roll Mill , 3 Inside Corning's Gorilla Glass Factory - YouTube Святой апостол Иаков Алфеев - YouTube

The MagPi issue 98. Discover Raspberry Pi portable computing in the latest edition of The MagPi. Read it now HackSpace issue 35. Forget the world of work for a while and build a full-sized arcade cabinet, complete with clicky buttons, joystick and even a coin machine to extort money from yourself reduced to a single user ID (in this case the lowest Bitcoin address in the transaction). This step reduced the total number of unique transactions considered from 129M to 24M over the three year period. Each day, we constructed a graph of the network that included all previously seen users as nodes and prior transactions as edges, with the new users and transactions from that day added. This ... Bitcoin is gaining ground in recent years. In the Bitcoin system, miners provide computing power to confirm transactions and mine blocks in pursuit of transaction fees, while users compete by ... Predicting Bitcoin Transactions with Network Analysis Gabriel Bianconi ([email protected]) ... we reduced the dataset to its rst 25 weeks due to the computational requirements of the methods used. As can be seen in Figure 1 below, the number of nodes and edges in the network is growing over time which makes the network highly dynamic. Note that the nodes for a time period correspond to the ... 1. Introduction. Since the concept of Bitcoin was introduced as a white paper in 2008 , it is an emerging digital currency system that enables online payments to anyone and anywhere in the world.Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize payment systems on the Internet because it can solve the double spending problem without a trusted centralized entity unlike existing credit card payment systems.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fittings and Couplers for Air Tools ...

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